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Bree Hathaway

Post by Midboss on Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:32 pm

Name: Bree Hathaway
Age: Early 20s
Gender: Female
Trainer Type: Pokémon Breeder
Region of Origin: Mazia
Theme Music: Friends Theme - A New Meeting from Pokémon X & Y


Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Darkish blonde
Hairstyle: Long and bushy
Skintone: Pale
Preferred Clothing: Practical work clothing, generally red and purple
Height: 5’3”
Body Type: Kinda slight, but sturdier than she looks
Distinguishing Marks or Features: Winning smile

General: Upbeat, friendly, perpetually doing something.
Likes: Meeting new Pokémon, meeting old Pokémon again, movies, her grandparents, the idea of travelling
Dislikes: Missing out on things, coffee, the ocean (she can’t swim)
Values: Nobody who loves Pokémon can be a bad person. You can fix any problem if you work hard enough.

• To see the world, or at least Mazia
• To make some friends who won’t disappear from her life when they leave the Crossroads
• To raise a Pokémon that gets national acclaim

• That she might mess up when she inevitably has to run the Day Care by herself

Important Family: Her grandparents, who run Crossroads Day Care where Bree lives and works. Known locally as the Day Care Man and the Day Care Lady, they have spent a great many years looking after Pokémon from all across Mazia and beyond. They can be quite stubborn, but they care a lot about the Pokémon and their granddaughter.
Her parents were never part of her life.

Contacts: A number of trainers who’ve passed through the Crossroads have become regulars, and some rising lights in the high-level battle scene depend on Crossroads Day Care to nurture eggs into Pokémon for their teams. Rumours say some might even be fronts for members of the Elite Four, but Bree isn’t one to pry.

Childhood and Adolescence: Raised by her grandparents, surrounded by Pokémon and travellers. Her home was always full of joy, but everyone seemed to leave sooner or later.
Adulthood: Increasingly, duties around the Day Care fall to Bree as her grandparents become less physically able to keep up with the demands of several Pokémon. She’s become well-known amongst the permanent residents of Breccia Crossroads, but despite being so friendly she hasn't got especially close to anyone.
- Pokémon care and assessment
- First aid
- Looking after Eggs
- Making Poffins

Voice: Very good at projection; shouting loud enough that a trainer can hear you from across town when an Egg arrives is a tradition and Bree's been working towards that end for years.


Raichu ♂ (Static, Impish)
Raymond has been with Bree for as long as she’s been a Trainer; after she took the lead on caring for an Egg herself for the first time, her grandparents entrusted her with raising the Pichu that hatched from it as her first Pokémon. Raymond is full of energy and loves to battle, but understands that looking after the Day Care’s guests takes priority and helps out here and there.


Espurr ♀ (Own Tempo, Gentle)
Skittles was left in the Day Care’s hands by a Trainer who wasn’t confident they could care for another Pokémon properly. Normally, Pokémon in that situation are rehomed or released into a safe wild environment, but Bree bonded with the small cat and the two quickly became inseparable.


Pichu ♀ (Lightning Rod, Brave)
Only a few days old as of Week 1, Peach is Raymond’s daughter. Her Egg was one of two to appear when a passing trainer left their Pikachu together with Raymond. A real Scrappy-Chu type, she has confidence much larger than her small frame; Bree is still trying to teach Peach that it’s dangerous to keep Volt Tackling things.

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