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Mazia Pokemon League

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Champion: Gwen (Normal type expert). Gwen is the newest champion of the region, who kind of came out of nowhere, taking out the Elite 4 with her normal type team. Previously she had been a clerk in a Pokemart, and quite a few people in the region are noting her as an inspiration to new trainers. She is very normal looking, fitting her theme, and uses this to her advantage to allow her to travel incognetio. Her main partner is her Raticate.

Former Champions: Professor Magnolia (around two decades ago, Fighting type expert). Bradley (the previous champion to Gwen, no type speciality)

Elite 4
Ampere (Electric type user). Before his promotion to the Elite 4, Ampere was the Gym Leader in a town in the swamp areas. He's the oldest of the Elite 4, and their unofficial leader for a lot of functions, deciding what information from Rowth they will act on and how. His battle tactics tend to be fairly straight forward, over whelming his opponents with raw power. His signature Pokemon is an Malian Eelektross

Rowth (Grass type user). Rowth is seemingly the most laid back member of the team, with a public persona that is best summed up as a "stoner". However, behind the scenes, they are the most active one of the E4. They have cultivated a huge Grass type network, that they call the Grapevine, that passes information about what is going on in the region back to them and the rest of the league. This is the main reason various criminal organisations such as Team Rocket have struggled to gain a foothold in the region, since when the very plants may be reporting back to the Poekmon league on you it is difficult to secretly set up your bases. However, the recent collapse of several of the regions industrial centres has left some blind spots in the Grape Vine they are struggling to fill. In battle, they focus on stalling and restoring their team's health, both with healing moves like Wish and with their Tangrowth and Amoongus' Regenerator ability. Their key partner is a Spore spamming Breloom.

Nalia (Dark type user) and Natia (Fairy type user) are the final members of the Elite 4. They are twins and supreme rivals. Both of them rose up through the ranks of the Pokemon league at the same time, dogging each other every step of the way. While neither of them were not able to topple the champion at the time, Gwen's predecessor Bradley, their skill and tenacity was noted by the Elite 4, and they received an offer from to join. Ampere took Nalia under her wing, while Rowth took Natia. Neither of them have given up on their dreams of rising even further and becoming Champion. They both use a Hydreigon as their main Pokemon, Nalia a standard Dark/Dragon and Natia a Fairy/Dragon Mazian variant.


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