BC RP: An Introduction

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BC RP: An Introduction

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:37 am

Hey everyone.

This is kind of a placeholder since I came up with this on a whim. Essentially the purpose of this is to give a simple play by post game for Pokemon. There's no real overarching plot, it's just a place to have fun. The location is designed to be friendly to people who can't post much; Breccia is right at the intersection between lots of interesting areas, so your character can disappear off and come back later.

Feel free to come with any characters you like, as well as your Pokemon partner(s). This is not planned to be a particularly combat or plot heavy game; if battles do come up we'll handle them with a few simple dice rolls, if that.

The worldbuilding forum is open for people to post in and come up with their own ideas for the town, people in it and the surrounding areas. I've noted a mountain and a lab, but I am completely open to ideas for other areas.

Other than that, till I have energy to post a proper introduction, have fun!


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