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K (Kryss Yoki)

Post by whod99 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:08 am

Creator: whod99
Name: Kryss Yoki
Nickname(s): K
Trainer Type: Backpacker (although they're built like a Hiker)
Apparent Age: late 30s or 40s
Chronological Age: 30
Gender: N/A (AMAB)
Region of Origin: Kanto
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black (very coarse)
Hairstyle: cut short, not that it's easy to tell since they almost always wear a hat
Skintone: Ruddy tan
Preferred Clothing: K likes their clothes loose and practical with bright colors that inevitably fade from the sun. They have a floppy grey hat that rarely leaves their head. Most of their clothes are waterproof or fast-drying. They are also rarely seen without their backpack and fanny pack. Everything they own has clearly been out in the elements for years, and is faded, patched, and torn.
Height: 6'
Body Type: broad and heavyset, with a layer of fat over their muscles. Think the Hiker trainer class from the early gens. Could be described as barrel-chested, or possibly just barrel-shaped.
Distinguishing Marks or Features: large birthmark on their back (they swear it changes to skull-shaped after midnight, but this has never been confirmed). Lots of scars, including a large burn on their right arm. Almost always has a scruffy 5 o clock shadow.

Personality: laid back and easy going. Never openly worries and very hard to rattle (or to get a negative reaction from in general). Never leaves a job unfinished and always tries to keep their word. Tries to focus on the small scale and leave the big picture to others. Has no attachment to fair play. Tries to be ready for everything.

Likes: swimming, fishing, and rain. Seeing people and Pokemon grow. Fruit candy. Singing. Quiet.
Dislikes: Noise, heat, conflict. Seeing people stuck. Enclosed spaces. Bitter flavors. Bigots.
Values:  everyone should have a chance achieve their potential, and everyone has a duty to help.
Freedom, do as you will as long as you aren't hurting anyone
Do no harm

Travel the whole world and have friends in each region
Meet every type of Pokemon

Fears: lightning. Being trapped. Hurting people. Dying in the wilderness without being able to let people know or get their Pokemon to safety.
Quirks: closes their eyes while listening, taps out a rythmn when thinking.
Important Family:
Parents: Ks parents are nominally retired; one of their moms tends to the plants in the Celedon gym and the other is a fixture in the Celedon game parlor (mostly people watching). K loves them both and tries to visit at least once a year, although they don't always manage it. K's parents had a thing for names spelled with a Y. Biomom is from Lumiose and Other Mom is from Lavender Town.

Brother: K's brother Wyll is a programmer with a full set of Eeveelutions. He moves a lot but keeps a house in the Orre region.
Contacts: TBD. At least one Rocket Grunt and one ex-Snagem tech
Childhood: love. Support. Night terrors and lots of travelling to visit doctors. Being fascinated by the Celedon shops.
Adolescence: Exploring. Journeying around Kanto. Inadvertently falling into being a merchant (you need a Potion? Why, I happen to have a few to spare. Pokeballs? I've got them!). Pokemon evolve. Finding lifelong friends.
Adulthood: odd jobs. Travelling the regions. Forming contacts. Gaining loose ties to Team Rocket. Gaining a reputation for reliability and discretion among the underworld and not knowing what to do with that.

Very strong and fit; high endurance
Survival skills
Good cook
Good memory
Lots of knowledge of Pokemon evolution

Voice: They have a deep, rough voice with something of a drawl. They have an excellent singing voice but don't generally share that fact.

Other Salient Details:
Sensitive to the presence of psychic and ghost Pokemon and can hear the psychic voice of them
Is a sucker for sob stories and big dreams
Never leaves a job unfinished if they can help it, even if the work doesn't match the pay


Slowbro (male, Own Tempo, Calm): Bro has been K's partner since they were a toddler and found Bro's egg abandoned. They said that the egg was "lonely, and scared like me." Once it hatched, the two of them were largely inseparable--Bro's called that because K always introduced him as "my Bro slowpoke." . Bro became a Slowbro years later, well after K became a travelling merchant/troubleshooter--a shellder latched on while they were Surfing to a job. Bro is laid back but very protective of his family. He is a big fan of naps and hugs.

Butterfree (female, Compound Eyes, Bold): Cassie is K's second Pokemon, acquired when they were about 11. They were fishing with Bro when a Caterpie crawled onto their head. The Caterpie refused to move, and when they went back home it was decided that she was coming with them. Cassie is very analytical, goal-oriented, and tends to be rather direct. Cassie tends to perch on K's hat.

Shellder (female, Skill Link, Naughty): Margot is the newest addition to the group. She's an oceanic shellder who hitched a ride on Bro's tail in a bid to see the world and gain glory. She is a maverick who rarely deigns to follow orders or plans, and she loves a good battle. She doesn't know about mega evolution and K is trying to keep it that way.


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