Mazia Regional Pokedex

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Mazia Regional Pokedex

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:24 pm

The Mazia region is in the southern hemisphere of the Pokemon world, somewhat distant from areas like Kanto and Johto. Like all regions, Mazia has a thriving wild Pokemon population, both indigenous and brought in by humans.

When you first arrive, you are able to choose three Pokemon families for inclusion in the Pokedex. This will keep going till we have a total of around 200 Pokemon to choose from; if we don't get enough people joining to make the numbers we will circle back around. Of these three, one may be a Mazia regional form, similar to the Alolan forms.

Please add your chosen Pokemon to the google document sheet found here.

Feel free to also use the Pokemon to inform the habitats available within the region; the Aggron family for instance would indicate rock and steel deposits for them to eat.

Trainers can have pokemon from outside the regional pokedex, particularly those trainers who arrive from outside the region, but the majority of people here will have partners from the area they live in.


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