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Dracolyte Delphina

Post by Von Krieger on Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:43 pm

Creator: Von Krieger
Name: Delphina Kajara
Nickname(s): Del, Dragon Lady, Dracolyte
Apparent Age: Late 20's - Early 30's
Gender: Intersex, Female Presenting
Region of Origin: Another Realm
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Plum
Hairstyle: Medium length with a swoopy undercut
Skintone: So black that she's bordering on blue
Preferred Clothing: Tends to like loose, unrestrictive clothing on the body, primarily a red evening gown with a side-slit skirt. This is combined with Monster Hunter-esque armored gauntlets, pauldrons, boots, and a headdress bringing to mind features of several Dragon-type and dragon-like Pokemon
Height: 6'5"
Body Type: Curvaceous NFL Lineman
Distinguishing Marks or Features: Tribal tattoos of horns on the sides of her head (underneath her hair on one side), tribal tattoos of dragon wings on her shoulder blades with "thumb spike" sections that come up her back, over her shoulders, and ending at her collarbones, tribal tattoo of a draconic tail curling around one leg, slightly pointy ears with odd, serrated lobes.

Personality: Astonishingly friendly supervillainess whose supervillainy is limited primarily by her lack of resources (and her lashing out at various villain teams for daring to do their job badly and inconveniencing her while they're at it)
Likes: World domination, powerful Pokemon, dragons, ooze-like Pokemon, dungeons, loot, beauty, grace, power, My Little Ponyta cartoons (TELL NO ONE!)
Dislikes: Mysterious power-limiting, form-binding sorcerous effects, worlds that lack equipables and crafting systems, weakness, ugly-cute Pokemon, incompetence, other Pokemon trainers attempting to catch her
Values: The ultimate pursuit is strengthening one's body and mind, and passing on that strength to future generations.
I will take the crappy parts of the world, lift them up by their scrawny necks, and strangle them into improvement or oblivion.
Kindness is not weakness, and cruelty is not strength. You lose nothing by being polite and have everything to lose by being a cockwomble.

Get her proper powers and form back
Find a way to get back home
Drive the entire Zubat species to extinction

Fears: Being stuck here, like she is, forever.
Quirks: Tends to absently put things in her mouth and gnaw on them (usually her Pokedex stylus), genre savvy, troperific way of speaking
Important Family: Cannot contact any of them at present, and most of them are varying degrees of annoying anyway.
Contacts: Several Pokemon researchers that have studied her abilities and her rather unique 'Mons.
Childhood: Picture the usual "raised by nannies" rich people trope, now add a healthy sprinkling of restrictive cults, heat until interior temp reaches 165 degrees in an oven of eugenics, baste with SCIENCE! and alchemy
Adolescence: Have the training regime from hell, dearest daughter, and also these growth hormones and plastic surgeries
Adulthood: There is a reason why I spend most of my time as far away from home and family as possible. Alternate dimensions levels of far if I can get them.

Ridiculous strength and stamina
Encyclopedic knowledge of type vulnerabilities (but fails miserably when mons deviate from the obvious color/elemental schemes)
Seems able to stomach and digest pretty much anything organic
Does not seem particularly bothered by environmental conditions
Has vast stores of potentially useful trivia
The small amount of spellcasting power she's retained allows her to mimic several pokemon moves and items
Physical prowess and equipment allow her to perform the functions of several HM moves (Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, with a day's prep to rest, can use Fly)

Voice: Deep, sultry, is a titch nasal when she's not paying attention

Other Salient Details:
Is totally a dragoness from another dimension stuck in human form
Is highly annoyed that Pokemon combat mechanics don't allow her to actually take part in fights
Her base mons aren't in pokeballs, but instead appear around glowy, crystalline "monster cores" that are thrown out and appear where the heart or brain of the creature would normally be. They convert to and from energy to material states around the cores similar to the way Pokemon enter and exit their balls.

Queenslime (Another Realm Shiny Totem Ditto, Normal/Poison w/ Serene Grace, King's Rock equipped) No one knows quite what to make of Queenslime, as she looks like a big, blue, vaguely teardrop-shaped Ditto, but she's not only a she, but she also doesn't Transform. Instead, she has a moveset similar to a Muk with a few odd additions, like Heal Pulse.

Queenie has been with Delphina the longest, and was the first monster that Delphina tamed.

Behemoth (Another Realm Totem Luxio, Dragon) Another one of Delphina's oddities, Behemoth is an oversized purple and red Luxio with a more draconic look to him, as well as dragon typing. His moveset tends to focus on retaliation-type moves (Revenge, Counter, Etc), after an initial hit of Draco Meteor. Has an abnormally high special defense.

Behemoth acts like he thinks he's bigger than he actually is, and as such he is frequently startled by the reminder of how big he actually is. Primarily this manifests by him being scooped up and cuddled by Delphina, despite his being over 250 pounds. She seems to be delighted at the fact that he's "teddy bear sized again."

Raised by Delphina from hatching.

Metaly (Another Realm Ditto, Normal/Steel, Wonder Guard-esque ability) The primary research subject of Delphina's Pokemon, Metaly has an obscene speed rating and is outright immune to Special Attack-type maneuvers. Non-critical hits using the Attack stat only deal 1 point of damage, when they manage to hit at all. While not stuck at 1 HP like Shedinja, Metaly only has a paltry 3 HP, and any further gains are probably going to be few and far in between. Like Queenslime she lacks Transform, and her moveset is quite varied and very odd. In fact, it's very similar to the spells Delphina herself can cast.

The smallest of Del's mons, and the lightest hitting, though she is a defensive powerhouse. She also knows that she's practically invulnerable and is very prone to making mischief.
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