Guitarist Paolo wants to join!

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Guitarist Paolo wants to join!

Post by MalTheBat on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:45 pm

Name: Paolo Nakayama
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Region of Origin: Johto; born in the Breccia-region and has family here.

Eye Color: Dark green
Hair Color: Bleached blonde; normally brown and kind of wispy
Hairstyle: When he's performing, spiked up; when he's not, he wears the Obligatory Trainer Hat. His is a pretty plain baseball cap from Violet City, the kind you get as a tourist- it's dark purple and has the Zephyr Badge symbol on it.
Skintone: Tan and heavily freckled.
Preferred Clothing: Black sleeveless tank top, grey jeans, white sneakers with purple laces, and the aforementioned Trainer Hat. He carries a guitar case almost everywhere, and it's covered in iron-on patches- mostly from different Johto towns, though some from Kanto, PokeMerica, and other places he's passed through. The biggest one says KEEP MAHOGANY TOWN WEIRD with the image of a ninja on it.
Height: 5'2
Body Type: pear-shaped- heavier around the hips and thighs, with noodly arms and calves
Distinguishing Marks or Features: Aforementioned bleach-y hair and freckles, crooked nose, dimples.

General: Confident, cheerful, likes to face problems/challenges head-on. Competitive, but pretty laid-back about losing- it's the game that matters. Very high-energy in general- talks fast, moves faster, always on the go. Likes meeting new people, having new experiences, has a strong fear of missing out. Impulsive and prone to overestimate his own ability to do things. More than willing to lie to get what he wants. Occasionally (half-jokingly) claims to have 'ninja powers'.
Likes: music, especially rock and jazz. Sweets. Crowded places, loud music, cities in general. Antiquing. Fresh air- especially by the ocean. Has a bit of a weakness for gambling and Pokemon battles, likes most games.
Dislikes: Salty food. Bigots, jerks in general. Team Rocket. Having to wait. Being told he's not capable of doing things. Being told what to do in general, though he's not stupid enough to push back every time. Boredom.
Values: Moving forward. Making friends. Being loyal to those friends, no matter what. Enjoying life for its own sake and taking things as they come. Freedom. Helping people short-term - though he's kind of fickle and unreliable in the long-term.

- See the entire Pokeworld
- Become a rock star
- Help his Eevee evolve
- Befriend ALL the Pokemon! And people!

- Failure (at much of anything, but especially music and making friends)
- Team Rocket (he had some bad experiences as a kid)
- Being trapped, being unable to move on and do new things
- Missing out on something he'll never get to see again

Quirks: Paolo will pace a hole into the floor if he's thinking or if he's bored. He also tends to be a bit of a magpie- collecting things, though they have to be little tiny things he can keep in a backpack or a guitar case. He's nearly always got a guitar pick in his pockets or in his hand and tends to fidget with them.

Important Family:
Parents: Mother and father, who are amicably separated; stepmom on his dad's side, who he doesn't think of as a parent because he rarely sees her. Mother is from $Breccia_Region and runs a little restaurant in Mahogany Town, father is from Johto and is a researcher in Violet City who's studying the Ruins of Alph.
Aunts + Cousins: Paolo has a lesbian aunt who lives with her wife around the Breccia Crossroads and runs a bed-and-breakfast there. They have three kids; the oldest is around Paolo's age and just got married. Part of the reason that Paolo's come to the Crossroads is to visit them for the first time since he was a baby. (They can be NPCs or exist off camera, it's your choice.)

Contacts: Paolo has a lot of friends, but most of those friendships are pretty shallow, 'hey I'm in your town wanna go for a drink' kind of deals. He's still close to Mr. Tanaka (his guitar teacher) and Sosuke (an ex-BF of his who lives in Goldenrod City).

Childhood: Loving, well-cared-for. Grew up in Mahogany Town, and still has fond memories of the place, even with the general sinister nature of it all. The only real Bad Thing that happened was that Paolo had childhood asthma, and when he was around 11, he had an asthma attack that put his life in danger. He recovered and grew out of his asthma, but it made him determined to see everything he could before he died.
Adolescence: Because of his asthma attack, Paolo had to start his Pokemon journey late, at age 13 or so. He challenged the Johto gyms and got pretty far, but got stuck on the Mineral Badge and never challenged the Elite Four. He made a couple of Pokemon friends, saw the region, and decided that a life on the road was the life for him.
Adulthood: Paolo's spent the last couple years traveling around with his guitar, sleeping in PokeCenters and trying to become a Rock Star. Thus far, he's not made much progress, but he enjoys nomadding it enough that he doesn't mind too much. He's grown stronger bonds with most of his Pokemon- with the exception of P- and made a bunch of friends along the way.

- Playing guitar and singing
- Finding routes without a map
- Telling the age and value of old things (especially if they're from Johto)
- Is a decent liar

Voice: On the higher end of 'tenor'. Smooth even when he's not singing.

- A Quilava named Fluffernutter. She was his starter- you name your pets silly things when you're ten- and they have a really strong bond. She's calm and a little timid, and likes to walk instead of being in her pokeball.
- A Plusle named Wink. Tiny, good-natured, extremely perky.
- A Rattata named ARGH, which he got as a trade ages back. ARGH has a tendency to chew on ALL THE THINGS and is food-aggressive, but is really sweet and likes to sit on people's laps.
- A Unown (P), who everyone just calls P. P was a gift from Paolo's dad when he went off on his Pokemon journey; Paolo is kind of uncomfortable with it, partly because his relationship with his dad is a lil distant and partly because Unown is a leeeetle creepy. Still, they have a working relationship. The other reason Paolo's at the Crossroads is so that the Mahogany Labs can take a look at P and figure out what's up with it.


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