Introducing Heliodora/Jem

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Introducing Heliodora/Jem

Post by Sagra on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:26 pm

Hey friendinos

Here's some of what I have so far, will try to complete more when I am in a better headspace.

Name: Heliodora
Nickname(s): Jem
Trainer type: Lass/Furisode (sans Audino)
Apparent Age: Late teens
Chronological Age: 19
Gender: Female She/Her
Region of Origin: Kalos

Appearance: Neat, tidy and well-kept
Eye Color: dark blue
Hair Color: Golden blond at first glance
Hairstyle:Long with waves but not a hair out of place
Skintone: Pale
Preferred Clothing: Mostly monochromatic with blocks of colour. Tends to stick to clothing without graphics or complicated designs that people might find recognisable
Height: 5ft8
Body Type: slightly gangly
Distinguishing Marks or Features: Whilst her hair is the rest of her family... is that a hint of violet in her roots...?

Personality: Initially naive with human interaction, a recent experience has made her sceptical of people’s intentions, but she finds it hard to consolidate with her innate instinct to take people for their word


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