Griffin rolls into town

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Griffin rolls into town

Post by Bifuriousa on Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:19 pm

An artist who never got around to his journey, from the region, a nearby town (beach town?). Early 20s, got told to move out of the family home for being a bit of an arse and having no life plans. Decided his pokemon journey was better late than never and would at least give him some artistic inspiration. Makes sculpture from driftwood and his tangela's vines, and uses a torkoal as a pottery oven. Rich family, did give him a chunk to do the journey with but he insists on living in a tent anyway, for authenticity.

Creator: Bifuriousa (Amy)

Name: Griffin
Trainer type: Artist
Apparent Age: Late teens
Chronological Age: Early 20s uuuuh 21
Gender (and pronouns if desired): He/him
Region of Origin: Mazia

Appearance:​ muddy, a little dishevelled, but his loose clothing looks expensive on closer inspection.
Eye Color: dark blue
Hair Color: mid brown
Hairstyle:short, wavy, messy
Skintone: paaale from the indoors
Preferred Clothing: linen shirts, canvas shorts or trousers with lots of pockets. neutral tones on basics but bold accessories in fun patterns
Height: 5ft5
Body Type: noodle
Distinguishing Marks or Features: ill advised tattoo on the back of his right calf (it's a blurry psyduck, just not great quality and he isn't even that fond of psyduck)

Personality: a little nervous and slightly touchy, but overall well meaning and polite, if a touch stiff in unknown and formal situations. very laid back (too laid back) about practicalities. an ARTISTE. naive but becoming more open minded as he goes along. kinda lazy, except for with his art
Likes: sculpture, pottery, his pokemon, museums and galleries, being inspired by new scenery and styles, tea and biscuits, surprised to be learning he likes to travel, quirky hats
Dislikes: being made to do something, being hurried, people that don't think the arts is a career, humidity, still life paintings with too much symbolism
Values: finding beauty in everything, taking things at your own pace, distrusting people who claim authority from age
Dreams: to open a well received studio and live independently there, making art all the time with no worries and distractions
Fears: having to admit being wrong/not good at living alone, the void
Quirks: to be established later

Backstory: Grew up in a well to do small town, wealthy family who owned the large hotel at the nearby beachfront. Got into art by making sculptures from what he found in the woods behind his house as a child, and then from the beach as his parents tried to encourage him to spend time at the hotel watching the business with his older sibling (who now worked there). At about 14 he had a bad experience in the woods and stopped going outside much, instead focusing on pottery and painting indoors and his workroom (small garage) after acquiring the more powerful torkoal in a trade. At 21, when he was firm about not wanting to go into the family business, his parents told him it was time he found SOMETHING to do that wasn't pissing about the house and moping gently. He had never left the small area he grew up in, and decided if he had to leave he would at least do it on his own terms, taking on his later than usual pokemon journey and making art along the way.
Important Family: parents, 1 older sibling
Childhood:His parents were indulgent as a small kid but busy, so he had everything he needed and lots of time to himself, watched over by an au pair from Kalos who he had a good relationship with. Spent lots of time gathering things in the woods and making things out of them, decorating the house and giving them mostly to the au pair after his parents grew visibly bored of them. He didn't have a bad relationship with his family, just a slightly distant one.
Adolescence: After the Bad Time in the woods he grew even more distant from his family as they pushed him towards the business. His au pair returned to Kalos as he was old enough to care for himself and had his Tangy. This left him fairly lonely, and not great at coping with things. He traded for Duchess hoping that a slightly more powerful pokemon would be some protection, but also because he liked her immediately and wanted to try pottery in a new way using her shell. The travelling trainer that was her original owner was amused by this and looked kindly on the awkward teen, trading her for a painting and a young combee his parents encouraged him to catch, which he had not really bonded with. He was happy to be left alone for a while in his "studio" (the garage) as things with his family were increasingly rocky (they meant well overall but were pushing him to things he hated) and he hadn't really made friends his own age as the town he lived in was small and mostly older people, and the touristy nature of the beachfront meant people didn't stay long.

Abilities/skills:​ sculpture, pottery, art in general, observant, detail-oriented, good with his hands? how do i phrase that not badly? speaks pokemon french.
Misc.: not very athletic, a little clumsy at things like running and climbing
Other Salient Details: he's living in a tent. he doesn't have to, but he is.

Tangela - his first catch from the woods near his childhood home. as a young kid he startled him trying to pet him, and some vines fell away in Griffin's hands. This was Griffin's first inspiration, and Tangy was enticed back to inspect the sculpture he made using them. Pleased with the offering, they became friends and Tangy took to fetching Griffin any materials he found for making art, usually by getting them tangled in his vines. A fun friendly pokemon that likes attention, spends almost no time in a pokeball.
Torkoal - a trade from a wandering trainer, Duchess doesn't always do as she's told but mostly just in battle. A kindred spirit, she takes things her own pace and is happy to collaborate on the pottery as long as she's fed. Often gets to eat what Griffin deems failed projects. He's had her since he was a teenager so they know each other's routine well. She spends travel time in the pokeball (luxury ball), preferring to laze about, but likes to be acknowledged when they stop somewhere.

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